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INVESTMENTS SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: The Queen of Versailles (2012) shows the relationship of overinvestment and politics. $upercapitalist (2012) Asian-American hedge fund trader overrsees a hostile takeover. Arbitrage (2012) is about a hedge-fund magnate. Inside Job (2010) suggests that lack of regulation is the cause of most investment problems; Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) shows that an investor may short his own stock and that false rumors may be common; The Bank (2001), Wall Street (1987), Boiler Room (2000), Rogue Trader (1999), The Gamblers (2007), Glengarry Glen Ross (2002), Other People's Money (2005), The Deal (2005), Schindler's List (1993), and The Aviator (2004) are about the wealthy or investors! Documentaries are: 2008 Global Conference: Investing in the Future: Accelerating the Clean-Tech Revolution (2008), An Introduction to Online Investing (2000)(V), Electric Money (2001) (TV), Overdrawn! (2007), American Greed (2008), Life and Debt (2001), (2001), The Money Masters -How International Bankers Gained Control of America (1996), ABC News 20/20 Greed (2007), Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2006), 60 Minutes - Wall Street's Shadow Market (2008), Two Trillion with a T: How You Bought Wall Street (2009), Introduction to Intermarket & Top-Down Analysis (2009), The Corporation (2003). OFTEN SMALLER CAPITALIZATION stocks, or small firms, grow or achieve profitability sooner than older, larger capitalization stocks, or more stable industries or brand names. MOST INCREASE IN STOCK PRICES WAS DUE TO MORE INVESTORS. Employee ownership, stock buybacks, or new companies or products can do well. The Price Dividend Ratio is better than PE ratio to determine the value of a stock. Getting into the rarest formation of high, tight flag; cup with handle; W formation with lower second leg down undercut from the first undercut; base as an ascending base or square box is a way to use chart patterns to recognize winning stocks, especially when the volume indicates institutional buying, or if the stock has the greatest Relative Strength within the industry group. Getting out of third and forth stage bases, narrow V formations, head and shoulders pattern, correction, bear market about 50% of the problem, which is usually the result of corruption (klitgard's formula is corruption equals monopoly, plus discretion, minus accountability) or foolish lack of proper government policies. When the DIVIDEND RATE is less than 17% IS OFTEN TIME TO INVEST IN Government securities (lawsuit risk due to massive judicial, legislative and political corrupt may be keeping the market from coming down, but it will likely eventually go down even more than 17%). The dividend yield is the dividend paid in the last accounting year divided by the current share price: it is the reciprocal of the Price/Dividend ratio. The other variables in the equation are the stock price, the current dividend and the dividend growth rate. Intrinsic Value equals the Sum of Present Value of Dividends plus Present Value of Stock Sale Price.