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WELLNESS SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: How to Live Forever (2011) is a documentary about active older persons. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010) is about losing weight and NOT FOCUSING ON MAKING MONEY; Natural Remedies; Herbal Remedies From Your Garden; Massage Made Simple: Massage for Couples (2008)(V); Massage Therapy (2004)(V); Chinese Medicine Massage: Lumbar Myalgia; Breakin' All the Rules (2004); Sicko (2007), Super Size Me (2004); Healing and the Mind with Bill Moyers (1993); Food, Inc. (2009); Medicine for Melancholy (2008); Secrets of a Medicine Man (2007); Lost Secrets of Ancient Medicine: The Blue Buddha in Russia (2006); The Medicine Show (2001); The Business of Being Born (2008); So Much So Fast (2006); CBC's The Nature of Things: A Look at Pain; Born in the USA; Sound and Fury (2000); The Cure (1995), Enlighten Up! (2009), Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter (1994); A Call for Help (2006); How Alternative Medicine made it at NIH and the nations leading hospitals; Country Doctors, Rural Medicine; Y Yoga Movie: an american yogic journey; A Yoga Documentary (2003), Yoga on Demand; Storm's Footwork Fundamentals; Kari Anderson: Go; Commit To Your Health; Brazilian Dance Workout; The Goddess Workout: Intro to Bellydance; Superbody Boot Camp: Burn It; Samba Party Workout: Brazilian Carnival Grooves; Get Ripped Total Yoga: The Flow Series Earth; Off Da Hook: Hip Hop Aerobics; Shape Up With Sharon: Kickboxing; Rope Sport: Intermediate Workout; The Works with Sharon Mann: Yoga/Pilates; D's Hip-Hop Aerobics; Osamu Inoue's TaeKwonDo Basic Training; Felinity Core Sensuality Series: First Step; Samba Party Workout: Brazilian Rhythm Celebration; Liz Gillies Progressive Pilates: 10 Minute Target-Tone Workouts; Asian Fighting Techniques Featuring Long Staff & Cane; Kenpo Total Fighting System; Kenpo Advance Fighting System; Shape Up With Sharon: Yoga/Pilates; Keli Roberts Flexibility for the Inflexible; Tracey Mallett Renew You - Cardio Fusion; Massage Therapy Video Library Volume 4: A Cyclist's Sports Massage; Health for the Americas: Cleanliness Brings Health (1945); Healing (2005); Healing Hearts (Chinese) (2001); Medicine Man (1992); and Health (1980). In the Shadow of the Reich: Nazi Medicine [VHS] (1997) may suggest that some of traditional medicine may be based in false promises with a possible hidden agenda! Remaking American Medicine (2006, TV series).