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Lightning Harvester: COUNTER BALANCING GRID (NETWORK) Lightning/Wind/Solar/Battery GRID

A BALL FINIAL about half the diameter of the top of the SOLENOID is at the end of the conductive metal of a lightning rod, which is about twice the height of the SOLENOID, is placed in the center of the CONICAL SOLENOID (CONDUCTIVE METAL WINDING) WOUND COUNTER (opposite) to the ROTATION of a tornado (most are in Tornado Alley in the USA; in different hemispheres tornados move opposite directions); the bottom of the CONICAL SOLENOID IS ABOUT HALF THE DIAMETER AS THE TOP AND is part of CONICAL SOLENOID is part of the LIGHTNING ROD (placed above the tree line of mountain peaks or plateaus where lightning tends to strike or tornadoes land) so that it rests firmly on the ground (likely secured to the ground by winding the CONDUCTOR through holes in the cement reinforced with metal). PARAMAGNETIC OXYGEN AND NITROGEN in the atmosphere ALIGNS AROUND THE CONDUCTIVE METAL OF LIGHTNING ROD helps drive smog, pollutants and large objects in the atmosphere to the ground due to (AND/OR THE VOLTAGE MAY BE DIRECTED TO THE GROUND TO OTHER SIMILAR SOLENOIDS half-size as THE MOTHER SOLENOLD WITHOUT LIGHTING RODS circled around THE MOTHER SOLENOLD may also to help dissipate the tornados or to POWER LINES) paramagnetic oxygen and nitrogen following (aligning with) the magnetic field created by the voltage/current in the CONDUCTOR (right hand rule) during a the lightning strike; then the air may follow the WINDING CONICAL SOLENOID up in the opposite to the direction of a tornado helping dissipate the tornado, the resulting wind helps power the following device:

A hard MAGNETIC CONE with a holes in the center of the top (larger) and bottom SIMILAR TO A TORNADO IN SHAPE at about a 45 DEGREE ANGLE likely is most efficient shape for induction (electricity or voltage is created by a Conductor moving in a magnetic field) using the METAL FOIL CONDUCTORS (least expensive, least oxidizing conductors with least the resistance alloy of copper and silver) are WRAPPED INTO BALLS filled with iron powder (copper wire wound around iron rod spinning between strong magnets creates electricity) so the electrons (voltage) pass in the middle to avoid skin effect are divided by VARIOUS CAGES (the balls that are largest a put areas where the magnetism is the greatest); outside the FARADAY CAGE would be a CONCAVE MIRROR to focus reflected light where the magnetic field would be most dense; Wind would be funneled into the center of the FARADAY CAGE using a ROTATING IRIS shape with petals and sepals made out of FULL SPECTRUM FLEXIBLE SOLAR PANELS. The device would be covered by a clear roof similar to an umbrella (half moon shape pointing down). A CONVENTIONAL BATTERY, ZINC-AIR BATTERY, or perhaps ALKALINE FUEL CELL would be at the end of the voltage input by the wind/solar components to insure voltage at all times.

The COUNTER BALANCING GRID (NETWORK) elements is power/voltage is directed from windy areas to sunny areas that may have less wind or power to have more balanced energy output using a varied of devices described above.

References, Resources and Notes:

Charge sheath vortex basics for tornado

Particles act like a current flowing in a solenoid generating a magnetic dipole moment

Tornado Alley

The mechanics of a simple bathtub whirlpool are very similar to a tornado's vortex

Paramagnetic oxygen

Electromagnetic Induction: wire movement through magnetic field produces whirl

law of induction due to relative movement of a circuit and a magnetic field

This voltage is called an induced emf as it has been induced into the conductor by a changing magnetic field due to electromagnetic induction


Lightning rod

CONDUCTORS resistance copper silver

Faraday cage

The narrow part of the vortex is moving faster than the top

tornado electrical lightning storm (some suspect lightning is in the center of tornadoes, cyclones, and hurricane partly due to witness accounts and general theory about the relationship between magnetism and voltage also known as the right hand rule states magnetism is perpendicular to voltage) IF MAGNETISM EXISTS IN THE CENTER OF A TORNADO, THEN LIGKELY SO DOES VOLTAGE, WHICH MAY ALSO BE EXPECTED TO EXIST DUE TO FRICTION CREATED BY ATOMS SMASHING AGAINST EACH OTHER.

This right hand rule states magnetism is perpendicular to voltage, WHICH IS WHY PARAMAGNETIC OXYGEN FOLLOWS THE MAGNETIC FIELD CREATED BY VOLTAGE IN A CURRENT

Zinc–air battery

Alkaline fuel cell


Iris (plant) shows many different petals and sepals varieties

Iris (plant) illustrations naming petals and sepals, which may be the ideal shape to force air into the center of the faraday cage due to their ability to create wind when it is coming from almost any direction to create movement of the metal foil conductive balls causing them to create voltage (current)